Catherine Cleare Interiors, LLC – Client Testimonials

“I have built over 10 homes in my life as I love the process from beginning to end. But, in all that time I have never found any designer who has the creative instincts anywhere close to Catherine’s. I have retained the services of the finest interior designers in New York City and yet I have never experienced anyone with the skill, intelligence, creativity, and what may be as equally important the willingness to listen and to create based on my visions. I think my best way of expressing my feeling about Katy’s work is that I would never again work with anyone else. I only hope she is willing to work with me as I can be very much a pain in the neck. I have just bought two apartments in New York City with over 5,000 square feet of space and if Katy wasn’t available to work with me on this project I would never have bought them. I’m not sure how often a person decides to invest money in real estate only if their favorite designer is available to do the project.
She is one of a kind.” – Al Tapper


C02-2 Wimmer“Katy Cleare is one of the most intuitive and imaginative people I have ever met. She possesses a rare combination of visionary talent, incredible organization and flawless execution. Katy understands the psyche of her clients, what stirs their souls. She creates interiors that are not merely a reflection of the homeowners, but an extension |of them. With a deep understanding of aesthetics and ergonomics, Katy artfully balances a space’s visual appeal with its sense of purpose and subtly gilds the utilitarian, so that even the most common of spaces are rendered extraordinary. Katy effortlessly enables all the colors, textures and pieces in a space to synchronize harmoniously all the while reflecting her exquisite taste. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katy-she delved deep into what mattered to me and has given me a home that I both cherish and admire.” – Anandi Wimmer


“Working with Catherine Cleare and her staff was a godsend. Designing, building, and furnishing a new house can be daunting, but with Katy’s guidance it was effortless and beautiful. She helped me the entire process, while always keeping my tastes and preferences in mind. Her eye for design and color is truly amazing. I love my new home and Katy has become not only my designer, but my friend.”
Barbara Pierce


“We have truly enjoyed working with Katy. She was very attentive to our vision and desires to make our home warm and inviting, she diligently worked with us in selecting furniture, accessories, fabrics colors and other details that made our home simply beautiful and comfortable. Katy always put our needs and desires first. Her quality of service more than exceeded our expectations. It is for these reasons that we highly recommend Catherine Cleare Interiors for her interior design services.”
Barbara & John Genovese