Adding the Finishing Touches in Interior Design to a Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to selecting a backsplash to complete the interior design & decoration of your Kitchen, there are a million choices to choose from. Not only can you use the traditional look of mosaic tile, but there are now stunning options in metal, wood, and stone. The opportunity to add your own flair to your space is endless! Another aspect to consider when selecting a backsplash for a Kitchen, is where and how far up the wall do you want it to be? I have seen some spectacular examples of backsplashes becoming accent walls, but have also seen elegant Kitchens where the backsplash material is very limited and used strictly as a necessity. The sky is the limit when it comes to making these decisions.

An excellent material to consider for a backsplash is hammered sheet metal. This is a more masculine look that can enhance both a modern Kitchen and traditional Kitchen in different ways. Look at how this metal creates a warm hue in the space, by the reflection of its bronze color. If this type of material does not do it for you in a Kitchen, then consider it in a Bar Area! A backsplash like this, will set a romantic mood that is ideal for a bar.

This Kitchen features a smaller mosaic backsplash that is turned into an accent wall stretching up to the crown molding. The different grey hues compliment the white, while also creating a pop of excitement. What I also love about this mosaic is that it enhances the beautiful design of the range hood. If this were a white backsplash that matched the rest of the millwork, you would not be able to see the amazing curves on the millwork!

adding finishing touches interior design kitchen backsplash greenwich ct

Catherine Cleare Interiors, LLC

If you are not one to throw in a bright color or pattern, there are still so many different attractive tile mosaics that will make your Kitchen feel special, while still blending in with the space. Take this Kitchen I designed in Stamford, Connecticut. I did Carrera Marble throughout the entire Kitchen, and to finish it off, I added a herringbone Carrera Marble mosaic to the backsplash. It created a subtle match to the countertops, while also adding a little bit of sparkle to the room in a discreet pattern. Also, notice the low-key design above the range. It adds an elegant flair without being overpowering.

If you love adding color, here is a great example for you! This white Kitchen is brought to life by a red subway tile backsplash. Look at how this backsplash is the focal point of the space, drawing your eye directly to that glass tile. There are so many options out there for color and pattern. You could really have the Kitchen be all about the backsplash if you really wanted to!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for the design and decoration of your Kitchen when it comes down to the backsplash. I hope this has inspired you to think differently when it comes to choosing which one you want, that will make your Kitchen, your style. For more interior design and decorating ideas, feel free to visit our website here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

And remember, “It’s All in the Details”!