Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Interior Design with Accent Pieces!

A design is not complete without the finishing touches of accent pieces. These items can be a variety of things that express your personality – such as collectibles, favorite books, picture frames, and memorabilia. Sometimes they are even things that we just think are pretty, and we cannot live without. All of these pieces come together to make the design and decoration of your space your own. By including these pieces in your home, you express your own flair, showing visitors a glimpse of your character within your space! Here are some ideas of items that can be used to bring out your inner self in your home.

Catherine Cleare Interiors

Foyers are the ultimate place to style with your favorite accents and accessories, because this is the first and last thing your guest will see as they are entering and exiting your home. At this home in Sasco Hill in Fairfield, Connecticut, I designed a Foyer that gives the opportunity for accent pieces such as the blue globes, and silver metallic vases that are completed with a stunning gold and silver mirror. These items express elegance in the simplest ways!

Adding accent pieces to a room is one of my favorite parts when completing the design and decoration of a space. It is really when the room come to life with color and elegance, while also displaying the personality of the homeowner!  I hope these spaces have inspired you to bring out your charm in your space. These are the items that make your home one-of-a-kind, like no other. For more interior design and decorating ideas, feel free to visit our website here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.


And remember, “It’s All in the Details”.




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