Deck the Interior Halls this Holiday Season!

It is that time of year again, where we get to transform our homes for the wonderful holiday season. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting different trees, lights, decorations and colors for the Yuletide. Though decorations may not be the first thing on your mind this time of year on top of gifts and entertaining guests, it is still an important part of the holiday season that should not be forgotten! Here are a few tips from Catherine Cleare Interiors on how to make your home feel special for the holidays.

I love how the holiday decorations in this room coordinate with the interior design of the space. The fun hues of purples, blues, and oranges are echoed in the holiday garland on the fireplace mantle, while decorative gift boxes enhance the throw pillows and coffee table accessories. Holiday decorations should be introduced as a compliment in your overall scheme, rather than competing with it for attention. This can make for a busy space that is difficult on the eyes!

Artificial Christmas trees today can be tasteful and easy to maintain. The shape of the tree itself can be made of many different kinds of material and can stand as a symbolic piece of artwork for the season. This tree for example, done by David Stark Design, was made of mirrored Plexi glass for the State Department in Washington, D.C.. David Stark himself said, ‘’Frankly, I don’t equate a holiday tree to Christmas anymore. For me it is a seasonal symbol and not about religion. We often create tree-shaped elements instead of decorating actual trees, which further defines it as a seasonal abstraction.” I love the idea of taking a symbol of the holidays and making it your own! It just goes to show that there are several different options out to put in your home there besides a real tree.

Some of the first things that come to mind around the holiday season, are the traditional Christmas colors green and red; but what if you were able to create a stunning look that makes a statement without mixing these two colors? Wouldn’t that be something special? In this Living Area featured in Veranda, it shows the soft neutral hues of the wintery outdoors that brings peace and comfort to this space. The use of whites are reminiscent of snow, while the earthy greens of Mother Nature bring a natural element to the room. Sometimes red and green can come off very generic, but when introduced in a neutral and soft palette like this, it creates a different vibe for guests that is sure to please.

Though artificial trees can be a fantastic solution for you this holiday season, I still encourage the use of fresh greens through wreaths and garlands! These decorations are what make the holidays and are often the base of most Christmas designs. The best part about these fresh green pieces, is their scent too. What would the holidays be without the smell of fresh evergreens? I never want to know!

I hope these tips have helped you in your mission to design and decorate for the holidays! Though the best part of the holidays is sharing it with people you care about, what better way to do it than in a well-designed and decorated space. It makes all the difference in making guests feel cheerful and comfortable when visiting for the holidays. For more interior design and decorating ideas, feel free to visit our website here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

And remember, “It’s All in the Details”!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday, and a joyous New Year!


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