Meet Catherine, Interior Decorator – Greenwich CT and Westchester NY

House Tour – 124 Imperial Avenue Westport, CT

Crafts by Katy Cleare

Creative hot glue gun fun

One of Katy’s Visions

Catherine Cleare’s gothic entry

Dudes Can Decorate


Katy’s Kitchen Imagination

Kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen Design Concept

Kitchen backsplash tips

Kitchen Design Concept

Katy’s own kitchen

Kitchen Decorating

Katy’s thought on Kitchen Decorating

Combo Kitchen-Family Room

Everyone’s favorite – The Kitchen/Family Room

Planning Small Outdoor Spaces

Delightful outdoor spaces

Buy Art That Makes You Happy

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Interior Design and the Importance of Advanced Planning

Thinking ahead about your project

New Life for Old Furnishings

Reinvent your old furniture

If you want to speak more about the ideas in the above interior design videos, contact Catherine here.